Sunday, 23 May 2010

Road Works - Delays - Ypres Area

Members should be aware that currently road works are being carried out in and around the Poperinghe area. This area should be avoided. There are also many miles of single carriageway on the A25 which can create traffic delays.

If travelling to or back from the YPRES SALIENT it is recommended members access the YPRES area along the N8 from the Adinkerke junction on the A16 or E40 or, whatever number they have given it today!

Pointe Du Hoc - Normandy

Currently works are in progress to stabilise the cliff face by the Ranger Memorial on the Point. Members who guide should be aware that there is in now only one entrance and exit from the site and that is up by the Information Centre. These works could be on going for some time. Where possible, its best to park as close to the Information Centre as possible

Information provided by Bob Hilton

French Bunker Complex Neuville En Ferrain

GBG member Bob Hilton was recently on tour staying near Neuville En Ferrain when he came across a French Bunker complex on the Franco-Belgium border. This was probably part a of a defensive line covering the approaches to Lille. There are 4 Gun bunkers and a Command bunker set back at the rear of the complex. They cover a sizeable area of the border in particular the old road from Neuville En Ferrain to Courtrai.
Can any member tell either Bob or I if they were ever used for the purpose for which they were constructed? Could they have been used to protect the withdrawal of the British Expeditioanry Force in May 1940? It came within the operational area of the British 3rd Division under command of Major General Bernard Law Montgomery
Bob has maps and more photos of the site. If you want access to these please contact Bob

Monday, 17 May 2010

Battlefields from the Air

Most of us have our feet on terra firma when we are conducting a battlefield tour but GBG Member Adam Williams does it slightly differently. He flies his clients around the battlefields. On tour recently he took these photos of locations which are pretty familiar to Normandy guides. If you think you know where they are please email to

However, not everything runs true to form as one of the photos shows. How do you tow out a helicopter bogged down in a Norman field!!