Monday, 27 January 2014

Tornado rips through Ypres. 25/01/2014!

The images below and this report confirm one of the most incredible situations both myself and Milena have ever experienced.

Last evening just before 8pm, we were sat at our dining table discussing the rain and wind which had suddenly picked up and was beating at our apartment windows. 

What we experienced next was simply incredible!

Within seconds, a noise like a crashing express train or airliner descended upon us whilst simultaneously the rain became a deluge. Before our eyes several 80 foot mature trees within the Astrid Park across the road were snapped off like match wood and felled, one crashing across parked vehicles and into the adjacent buildings. The noise was incredible!!

Large sections of the Cathedral roof was stripped of roof tiles and pieces of masonry crashed to the ground. Airborne debris smashed into vehicles with several being crushed. As quick as the maelstrom started it then died away. 

The accompanying images confirm the ferocity and the damage inflicted within our neighbourhood and the town itself. At this point I must salute the local firefighters who were deployed amongst the destruction quickly and began to make the town safe as they could at great risk to themselves I must say.

You may enjoy this bit though. The local kebab shop bloke informed us that when the tornado struck, his kebab skewer went all wobbly and his shop windows nearly fell out. I couldn't help but raise a smile as he then continued by revealing that all his customers ran away in terror and he lost their custom ha!!

The images were taken by me on the following morning.

Best wishes to you all.

Chris & Milena.