Friday, 25 January 2013

Cotterills Travels!! (part 1)

Fellow Guild members who may be worried that John Cotterill’s guiding skills will be getting rusty during his 6 months chasing bandits in Kenya will be reassured to know that he has managed to recce and guide one tour during that time. A few pictures of the tour to some Great War battlefields in central Tanzania (or German East Africa as was) may be of interest. His 6 months end in March when he returns to UK and looks forward to boring pals with his African adventures at the Newark weekend in April.

The striking Askari Memorial in downtown Dar Es Salaam

Headstone of Captain John Butler won the VC in West Africa in 1914 and was killed in action in East Africa in 1916. Morogoro CWGC Cemetery

“Germany in Africa”. The Lutheran Church in Dar Es Salaam

Headstone of Commander Richard Orlando Beaconsfield Bridgemen RN, who drowned after a desperate struggle to escape through the mangrove swamps, three days after the aircraft in which he was an observer crash landed in the Rufiji delta. Dar Es Salaam CWGC Cemetery.

Headstone of Hauptmann Friedrich von Kornatzki, brained with a knobkerrie by Captain Richard Meinertzhagen in the German counter attack at Kondoa Irangi, if the latter’s unreliable memoirs are to be believed. Dar Es Salaam CWGC Cemetery.